Get to know imave.

Founded in 1998, and of very Portuguese origin, IMAVE is positioned in the construction sector, focusing its activity on the manufacture and sale of sewage covers. Grids, rings and channels are also part of its product range. It is positioned with proximity and total availability with its customers who trust in the quality of the brand, which is their best reference.


We embrace the mission of designing, manufacturing and marketing the entire range of products with the best certified quality standards and at highly competitive prices.


With professionalism and dedication, we aim to be a national reference in the sector, simultaneously directing a strategy of propagating the brand internationally, with particular success in Spain, France, Angola, Dubai, Australia and Canada.


All of our activity is based on values ​​of competence, rigor and ethics, with quality in the final product as the brand's maxim. Hence the slogan "True Quality!"


Quality Policy

With the objective of efficiency and excellent response in the quality standards with which we approach our customers, we invest in the modernization of technology and the organizational structure, conducting our activity according to the NP EN ISO9001:2008 quality standards.

We are also guided by the fulfillment of the equivalent of the EN124:1995 industrial certification requirements in the manufacturing process of our recessed covers.

Our History

There were several events that marked the history of Imave.



The year in which IMAVE was established as an individual company and from which it launched into the national market, immediately focusing its activity on the manufacture and sale of sewage covers.



It marks the moment in which IMAVE changed its legal status, becoming a limited liability company. This change made it possible, at the time of the event, to better adapt the equity structure to the size and activity of the company, thus managing to meet the investment needs foreseen in its strategic growth plan.



The desire to respond to the growing demands of the market dictated IMAVE's move to new facilities, which represented a qualitative leap for the company. With better conditions, larger and more organized physical space, better and more modern technology, IMAVE has increased its production capacity and exponentially improved the final quality of its products. In the same year, Spain opened the door to IMAVE's internationalization process and became the market to which the company exports most of its production.



After a rigorous and demanding certification process, the year 2007 culminated with the achievement of the certificate of conformity for the products manufactured by the company. A doubly important achievement for IMAVE, which becomes the only national company to obtain such a certificate and thus confirms the superior quality of its products.


ISO 9001:2008

It marks the beginning of the ISO 9001:2008 certification process. Each moment represented an important step by IMAVE towards modernization and improvement, always with the first objective of responding with maximum efficiency to the needs of all customers.



After a rigorous process of designing and implementing new measures and criteria proposed by the ISO 9001 certification process, in March 2013, the certificate of conformity was issued, granting IMAVE the status of a certified company.



With the aim of scaling its business plan, IMAVE reorganizes its online participation, with the launch of its new web platform, which is more professional, accessible and interactive. With this step, it intends to create a new communication channel with its market, creating a more detailed information base, thus contributing to the diversification of its communication channels.



With the aim of increasing responsiveness, we invested in a new line aimed at producing lids in reinforced flat sheet.


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